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  VA ApartmentDesigner          
  - great Apartment Design Software for private people -  

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The professional architecture software for planning and furnishing of apartments. This software is especially made for private people, which want to remodel and refurnish their apartments.

New included: The 3DS Import filter. The 3D object catalogue is now endless expendable.

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Great Add-Ons for your VA Projects.



VA ApartmentDesigner

The VA ApartmentDesigner is the modern planning software for your demands, for either drawing of the already existing apartment or the planning of a new one, easy to do and to display photo realistic. You don’t need to have special CAD knowledge to use this software.

You plan your project, means walls, doors, windows, stairs, etc. in the floor plan and with one mouse click you will see your project in 3D. This way you can visual check  your project, the entire apartment as well as the constructive details. In the planning phase you have the opportunity to check on the design and the best illumination of the rooms in reference to the real lighting conditions.

The VA ApartmentDesigner is compatible with all available ArCon open versions. You can use and complete all apartment data in VA ApartmentDesigner.

Of course the functions in the ApartmentDesigner are limited, for example you can only work on one floor. The living areas can be calculated like in ArCon.

For architects, interior designer, developer, realtor or handy men – with the VA ApartmentDesigner you have not only an efficient planning software, but also a very effective presentation device. There are often divergences, when it comes to three-dimensional imagination. The three dimensional view and the virtual walking through your living project helps you to avoid planning mistakes and supports the imagination.  

The fact, that the VA ApartmentDesigner has a graphic and easy to use screen and also is intuitive to use, makes it unnecessary to complete a computer course, the VA ApartmentDesigner explains itself. You find all the necessary information and tips in the manual as well as in the provided online help. Just with  a mouse click you get at once the desired information for the present question. The planning and construction will be easier and the results are faster available.

To receive additional information about VA ApartmentDesigner at the same time, the uncut VA Software manual is available on your computer. In the construction mode you start with the floor plan. With the powerful functions you put in windows, doors and stairs, which you can check for correctness already during enter with the 3D Preview.  

With a mouse click you switch into the design mode, which shows you the building  in a photo realistic 3D-Display. In the design mode you plan the furnishing, continue with the design and choose the colours. For that the VA ApartmentDesigner provides a catalogue with furniture, surface structures and colours. With a simple „Drag & Drop“ you pull the wallpapers on the walls or put the furniture in the rooms. Putting in lamps and with the setting of the sun and moon position you get light into your planning. The integrated rendering mode gives you a photo realistic display of light, shadow and reflection.



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