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VA Software has been delivered to more than 90 countries of the world. Below you can discover the VA Worldmap and you can also see an alphabetical list of all countries. Just click on a continent to see it in detail.

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  Countries in alphabetical order:  
  • .af Afghanistan 
  • .ad Andorra 
  • .ao Angola
  • .ar Argentina
  • .au Australia 
  • .at Austria


  • .bs Bahamas 
  • .be Belgium
  • .bz Belize
  • .bm Bermuda 
  • .ba Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • .br Brazil
  • .bg Bulgaria


  • .ca Canada 
  • .es Canary Islands
  • .ky Cayman Islands
  • .cl Chile
  • .cn China 
  • .co Columbia
  • .cr Costa Rica
  • .hr Croatia
  • .cy Cyprus
  • .cy Cyprus (uncontrolled area)
  • .cz Czech Republic


  • .dk Denmark 
  • .do Dominican Republic


  • .ec Ecuador 
  • .eg Egypt 
  • .ee Estonia


  • .fo Faeroe Islands 
  • .fi Finland
  • .fr France
  • .ge Georgia
  • .de Germany 
  • .gh Ghana 
  • .gi Gibraltar 
  • .gb Great Britain
  • .gr Greece
  • .gd Grenada 
  • .gp Guadeloupe 


  • .hu Hungary


  • .is Iceland
  • .in India
  • .id Indonesia
  • .ie Ireland 
  • .il Israel 
  • .it Italia


  • .jm Jamaica 
  • .jp Japan 


  • .kw Kuwait 


  • .lv Latvia
  • .lb Lebanon 
  • .li Liechtenstein 
  • .lt Lithuania
  • .lu Luxembourg 


  • .mk Macedonia 
  • .my Malaysia 
  • .mu Mauritius
  • .mx Mexico
  • .mc Monaco
  • .me Montenegro
  • .na Namibia
  • .nl Netherlands
  • .an Netherlands Antilles 
  • .nz New Zealand
  • .no Norway


  • .pa Panama 
  • .ph Philippines
  • .pl Poland
  • .pt Portugal 


  • .ro Romania
  • .ru Russia


  • .sa Saudi Arabia
  • .rs Serbia
  • .sg Singapore
  • .sk Slovakia
  • .si Slovenia
  • .za South Africa
  • .kr South Korea 
  • .es Spain
  • .vc St. Vincent and the Grenadines
  • .se Sweden
  • .ch Switzerland


  • .tw Taiwan 
  • .th Thailand 
  • .tr Turkey


  • .ua Ukraine
  • .uy Uruguay 
  • .us USA 


  • .ve Venezuela 
  • .vn Vietnam


  • .zm Zambia 

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